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They grew their accounts. Landed dream partnerships. And made a difference with their Instagram. Read their stories of success.

Kara made over $100,000 from her Instagram Account!

"We went from about 100 followers to now having over 34,000 followers in less than a year and a half!

The course has given me new real estate leads that I would not have had otherwise. Last year, over 55% of my sales were a direct result of my IG page (well over $100,000 in commission from my leads from IG).

Best money ever spent!"

Kara runs the account @selectres_dfwtxrealtor

Nicola's moving story:

When I first started out my Instagram account it was for fun. I had no idea how to really use it and my first pictures are upside down (yes they are still there!). Fast forward a year or two and I became really really sick with Lyme disease.

I was too ill to work and you can only imagine my panic of having to give up my career. I still had bills to pay so I had to find a way of making money from my bedroom that I could do whilst sick. I knew I was creative so I started an Etsy shop selling digital prints and invitations and I had grown an Instagram following of about 5,000 but with very low engagement before coming across Helene.

As I said at this point I was bedbound and very ill, so when I found Helene she was a huge source of inspiration for me. She was real and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and she travelled to places that I could only dream of being able to travel to when I got better. She also gave the encouragement of “if I can do it, anyone can do it” and that belief stayed with me when I slowly started getting better.

I decided to not hide behind my prints on Instagram and be a voice for my business and brand. I took Helene’s course Instagram for Success and it taught me how to grow my account organically whilst still staying true to myself and using my own voice. I learned how to take pictures of myself and more importantly how to edit them to with my own style and within 3 months I had grown my account to 10k followers!!

More more importantly than that I had gained a community of like minded followers happy to engage on my posts. I gained the confidence to start a blog and apply for sponsored travel and blogger trips. Before Instagram for Success I never would have had the confidence to even think that I was good enough. Now I have the belief that if you work hard using the tools that Helene teaches you anything is possible.

Within 4 months of having stem cell treatment for my Lyme disease I went from being completely bedbound to climbing mountains in India as a selected blogger of the Kerala Blog Express. My account has grown to 17.3k and is growing daily and I am now busy ticking all of the places that Helene inspired me to travel to off my bucket list.

Find Nicola on Instagram @all_about_rosalilla

Christine is a full-time teacher and shares her travels on Instagram @liveloveruntravel. She doubled her Instagram following in 4 months AND landed her dream partnership - not to mention round trip airline tickets!

"Your course was the turning point for me on Instagram. I changed my mindset and continued to gain followers AND engagement. Instagram for Success is when I really started to grow."

Meg Meg

"My top priority is providing content that adds value to my followers' lives."

Before Instagram for Success, I wasn't sure how to focus my energy on the most effective strategy. But using Helene's tips and tricks, I was able to grow my account by almost 10k followers in one year.

More brands have noticed my account because my engagement is so high now. I'm receiving more sponsorship opportunities than I ever have!

The most important lesson I've learned is that content is king. It sounds so obvious, but it's the quickest path to growth. I'm constantly asking myself, "Is this the best photo you can post?", or "Is this what your followers signed up to see?". My top priority is providing content that adds value to my followers' lives.

Check out Sarah's Instagram, @wellandfull.

My favorite thing is the community that this course created! I've connected with so many amazing Instagram accounts, and I love that everyone is so helpful when someone has a question.

Instagram for Success helped with some steady growth! I learned a ton about Instagram Stories and how to connect with my audience that way. I'm getting a lot more engagement on my posts and my stories now!

See more from Julia, @juliadentphoto.

"Instagram for Success helped me gain real and engaging followers, not those yucky spam accounts. I wasn't trapped in that depressing follow/unfollow game anymore! My account is highly engaging, and to me, that's what matters most. I am reaching my target audience with my posts."

Lindsey Lindsey

"I've partnered with numerous brands and companies!"

Since starting IFS, I've totally changed how I manage my Instagram. I take the time to plan my posts, share my story, and engage with other accounts. I've had a good number of my images featured on other accounts because I learned the importance of tagging, hashtagging, and engaging with other instagrammers. I started to use so many tools that are so advantageous that I never knew existed. I plan my feed, only post quality images and have learned how to edit - not filter. Because of this, I've gained over 1,000 followers since joining Helene's tribe. This following has opened up so many doors for me as a local travel blogger. I've partnered with numerous brands and companies and have had some amazing opportunities as a blogger that I don't think I would have had if it weren't learning the importance of Instagram and the success that comes with a good account and following.

Since I've joined IFS, I've been able to travel and work with other brands to promote various travel tours, excursions, hotels, and have even written a series of blog posts for a travel brand. The more that I partner with other brands, the more my blog grows, the more my Instagram grows and so does my confidence.

IFS not only has boosted my Instagram (which in turn has grown my blog to something I never thought it would turn in to), but it's also boosted my confidence. I'm no longer shy of sharing my writing, blogging, and most importantly, my own story.

See more from Shannon @brandedexpedition

"Instagram for Success was one of the best decisions I have made for not only my social media and blog, but for my SELF as a person."

Instagram for Success has helped me transform my Instagram into an extension of my blog and my self. This program helped me learn how to be more creative with my captions and allow my voice and personality to shine! It has also helped me build connections with other bloggers and instagrammers in my own city and across the country by becoming more engaged with my audience. My engagement through comments has become more authentic and my audience is actually interacting more with my posts! It has been amazing to build a community around my brand!

My main goals when starting Instagram for Success were to grow my engagement, build an audience, and spark conversations. Now that I feel like I am on that path I would like to dive deeper into the part of the course on monetizing my Insta!

Instagram for Success was one of the best decisions I have made for not only my social media and blog, but for my SELF as a person. Since beginning the course, I have become a more confident person through my posts which has transferred to my world outside of social media. I post more pictures of myself (which I NEVER did), and by doing this I have grown to appreciate myself more for who I am and the voice that I have through this platform! It has helped me grow in so many ways!

Find more from Stephanie @stephanie_eiler

"These were the secrets and information that I was looking for that I couldn’t find anywhere else." - Rae @raeissunshine

Trish - Trish From the List

When I signed up for Helene’s Instagram for Success, I went into it with no expectations. I have participated in many courses in the past where I left it feeling like I learned nothing new. Instagram for Success was different. Helene kept me engaged through the whole program. I had oodles of notes and when I applied her tips I saw results.

It was  a reminder that you must do the work if you want to see results. Helene showed me what kind of work must be done for the results to follow. I recommend this course to anyone who struggles with getting results. It will change how you see your own photos before you publish them.


Trish - Trish From the List

One of the biggest things Instagram for Success helped me with was to fine tune my vision. The way Helene teaches really gave me the courage to be me and be comfortable with my unique and authentic story. Secondly, the course gave me the tools to then practically achieve my Instagram dream.

I’ve taken a few Instagram courses and this one is by far my favorite and the only one I recommend. The reason being is I love how Helene address Instagram from both the brand side and the influencer side. I also really appreciate how freedom based Helene is. She presents excellent tools and then encourages you to use them in the way that suits you best. All of the other courses I’ve taken were very rigid with rules on how to succeed which sucked the fun and the success out of it for me. In the end, Helene’s wisdom and encouragement have done wonders! Truly very grateful!

Lauren @sunflowersandsunglasses

Instagram for Success helped me understand how to use Instagram to its fullest potential. Before this course I would just post random pics, with no hashtags or a real purpose. Now I am finally growing and implementing all tips and tricks from the course.

Without Instagram for Success I would be completely lost, thank you!

Vanessa @travelchicfam

Since completing the course my Instagram has grown by over 700 engaged followers! As a photographer I’ve booked multiple gigs through Instagram thanks to your course.

Jenn @jennayresphoto

Lynlee - @lynleeposton

If you’re trying to take your Instagram to the next level, it’s important to know your worth and know what works on Instagram. You want to grow your following organically and that takes strategy.

Natale -   @natale_green

“Taking Helene’s Instagram course was eye opening! I was able to double my following in nearly 5 months. I am no longer using filters for my images and have learned how to actually edit my photos using Lightroom! Her course was exactly what I needed to get my Instagram on the right track!”

Olya - @TheSiberianAmerican

Your course changed the way I looked at Instagram. It brought to light what works and what doesn't - and in an authentic way. I really don't think I can thank you enough for this awesome class and community!

Amanda - @meetatthebarre

On working with brands and making money: "I set expectations right away. I always let the brand know about my terms and I consistently post at the right times. I drive traffic to my blog mainly through Instagram. "

Meg - @mo_meg

I got serious about Instagram and you helped me to see that. I've really learned what works for my account and I still get to be myself. You can't beat that! I get to showcase my life, myself, my kids, and my blog, all in one.

Lawren -   @LawrenBagley

"Instagram is the number one tool out there to allow me to get to work with brands and make money. And the great thing? Anyone can do it with some help."

Taylor - @TheDailyTay

Instagram has allowed me to build my t-shirt business to what it is today. It's my number one driver of sales, hands down. Plus, I can post photos from my life and actually interact with others.

Sarah - @IAmSarahWebb

I've grown my following to over 6,000 in a matter of months. It takes strategy and posting great content, but if I can do it, anyone can! With a little guidance you will succeed.

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Instagram for Success gave me the confidence to focus on the areas I needed to improve. I have been working to improve my quality of content and value added. I have been trying to discover my target audience and grow at the same time. I just recently really realized who it is I want to connect with. I am confident that I also have the practical skills to reach those people and grow my desired audience. Plus the connections made with other Instagrammers and bloggers are invaluable.

Rae @raeissunshine

See what others have to say about Instagram for Success!

I swear you are the Instagram guru. Since your class, I've almost hit 1000 followers! I feel like I've made actual friends in the blogging/insta world and I know 100% its thanks to you. You're the best!

Kristen @kgrace01

I used everything Helene taught us and received triple my average likes, double that of my previously highest liked photo & was re-gramed by the local brand I tagged!


Instagram for Success motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and start collaborating with other bloggers!

Kaylee @KayleeKarcher_
Kaylee @KayleeKarcher_

Follow the program! I was BRAND new to IG last January. I took the course, now have over 21,000 followers. Her methodology works! Stay consistent and positive and have fun with it!

Kara @selectres_dfwtxrealator

Your class has been amazing! Before I started, I didn't have a photo with 100 likes, now I have several photos with over a thousand likes! I went from 200 followers to 941 followers in a month! Thank you so much for teaching me your ways!

Olya @thesiberianamerican

I'm so excited, I HAD to share. My blog just turned a year old on Wednesday and this week has been explosive. This is my first paid blog post of many with Rainbeau Curves - an active wear company for + size women. Helene I got this gig because of what I learned from you. THANK YOU for following your passion to teach us. My confidence in my blog has gone up a lot since being under your wing...bless you!

Candace Rainbeau Curves

It's helped learn new techniques which have increased my engagement, and provided me with information which has helped me increase my following. I've had SEVERAL paid posts because of Instagram for Success.


Your Success on Instagram can happen!

"My husband started my account (we are foodies) and I took over August 2015 and we had about 500 followers. We now have 24.1k and were nominated as Best Instagrammer for D Magazine, something I'm crazy proud of!!"

Cassidy Cassidy

"This course is TREMENDOUS. My followers have grown three times since starting the course! Just an amazing course and great value! You can't go wrong with this! Helene is amazing!"

"I was so impressed with the organized structure and layout of the course! It was so easy to use and navigate! If there were any questions, the Facebook group or Helene were quick to answer! I have been able to use the account to work with hotels and brands for travel writing and reviews!"

Catie Catie

"It helped me figure out how to grow my business into something more than just an Instagram. I learned how to use the right tagging systems to share a post."

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Payment Plan
$87For 3 Months
  • ✓Lifetime Access to Instagram for Success (including future updates & additions)
  • ✓ Immediate Access to Private Community - Instagram Insiders
  • ✓ Immediate Access to Bonuses
  • ✓ Live Coaching Call
  • ✓ Content Calendar Planner to Make Instagram A Breeze
  • ✓ InstaGroupie, Hashtag Library and Tool, and so much more!

3 Monthly Payments